Monday, February 13, 2012

Korean Drama Qoutes

"Coming to like someone in life, i never imagine it even once but now i think about how i hard it would be for you if something if were happen to me, i can't take it, the memories between you and me i don't want to leave any behind. Kim Na Na, I like you but, i don't have confidence to let go of you, that's why you let go of me first, you know who i am, how i live, what can happen in a matter of minutes, I told you i like you, this is my first and my last request from you, listen to me, i beg you, i case i come to find you, don't accept me, even if we run into each other, you ignore me first, you cut me off first, Kim Na Na, im sorry for having you know me, for making you waver, when my father told me not to love, i fully understand now - Yun Seong"
"He said its hard on him, he said to forget him first, so lets forget him for him, instead of him its better if im the one suffering"- NaNa

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